Schlechty Center Strategic Change Agenda

  • TASA is partnering with the Schlechty Center to offer Schlechty's Strategic Change Agenda as a framework for school districts to use in lieu of traditional strategic planning or as a process to revise or elevate an existing strategic plan.
    The Strategic Change Agenda is a guided strategic thinking process for superintendents striving to make positive and lasting change. Using the Schlechty Center’s methodology, districts focus on their unique communities and build plans that encourage strategic action, accountability, and steady progress toward specific milestones and achievements.
    Unlike traditional models, the Schlechty Center’s model understands the diverse needs, interests, and motives of all stakeholders affected by the planning process. As such, all stakeholders are engaged in the process itself and have ownership of the strategies they will ultimately activate. As districts put the plan into action, both progress and performance are measured, plans are realigned, and milestones are recalibrated to maintain stakeholder engagement and ensure movement in the right direction.

    At the end of the process, leaders have more than a strategic plan; they have a new way of thinking and problem solving that will allow them to maintain direction in the face of future challenges.

About the Schlechty Center

  • logo The Schlechty Center is a private, nonprofit organization committed to partnering with school leaders across the country to transform their classrooms, schools, and school districts into engagement-focused organizations. It provides strategic consultation and targeted advice to district leaders, technical assistance and training to school boards and educators at all levels, and tools to assist educators in transforming their environments to focus on better outcomes for students, their parents, and the communities in which they live.

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