Call for Proposals

  • About TASA
    TASA is the professional association for Texas school administrators, providing networking and professional learning opportunities, legislative advocacy, and targeted communications to support the work of superintendents and other school leaders.

    TASA’s Mission
    TASA’s mission is to promote, provide, and develop leaders who create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students.

    About the TASA Midwinter Conference
    The TASA Midwinter Conference has become the most popular conference of the year for Texas school leaders because it provides such a valuable opportunity to come together to discuss and share innovative practices, network with peers, address the administrative issues administrators face every day, and gain fresh insights.

    Conference Attendees (Session Audiences)
    Each year the conference welcomes more than 5,000 attendees, including school leaders from 900-plus Texas school districts. They include superintendents and/or other district and campus leaders — including deputy and associate superintendents, business managers, curriculum specialists, personnel administrators, technology directors, and principals. Session proposals should be appropriate for those audiences.

    Session Topics
    While all proposals will be considered, proposals that align with TASA’s mission (see above) or that are related to the following topics are encouraged: advocacy, building teams, strategic change, career development, work/life balance, district operations, instructional leadership, learning environment, 21st century learning, school transformation.

    Session Duration
    Depending on chosen format, presenters will have 30 or 60 minutes to: introduce their presentations, give their presentations, provide closing remarks, and take questions. Please plan your presentation to ensure you can deliver your learning objectives efficiently and effectively in that timeframe. 

    Session Format

    One-hour Session Formats

    • Open Discussion: Moderator-facilitated, in-depth conversation with participants serving as key contributors around a specific issue or topic concerning education.
    • Panel: Moderator-led discussion with experts in the field with opportunity for audience Q&A.
    • Playground: Informal session that facilitates hands-on, interactive, and creative learning technique.
    • Presentation: Formal presentation designed to inform the audience about a specific issue or topic and demonstrate key components of a particular education approach.
    • Workshop: Interactive opportunity for audience members to participate directly in the learning and glean resources/approaches to take back to their district or campus.

    30-Minute Session Formats

    • Public Education Highlight: Short presentation featuring innovative programs by Texas school districts and schools.
    • Sandbox: Bite-sized informal session that facilitates hands-on, interactive, and creative learning techniques.

    Session Titles and Descriptions
    Both your session title and description will be published in the printed program and in the Midwinter Conference mobile app. When considering a title, keep in mind that it should be able to stand alone and clearly convey what your presentation will cover. The same goes for your description! Make sure that your description reflects your learning objectives and session format to attract the appropriate audience for your topic and adheres to the character limit noted in the application.

    Title: Want More Community Buy-in? Ask Smarter Questions
    Description: Do parents in your district care more about STAAR scores or football scores? Does your staff worry more about clean restrooms or professional development? You can’t know without asking. Whether you want to develop a community-based accountability system or increase stakeholder satisfaction in your district, you can’t make change without buy-in from your school community. In this roundtable discussion, several school leaders will show you how to ask the right questions at the right time and discuss how to use what you learn to make real, lasting change in your schools.

    Important Limitations

    School District Applications

    • No more than three applications per school district will be accepted for review, and each district will be granted approval on no more than two presentation proposals.

    Vendor Applications

    • Vendor sessions will not be eligible for consideration unless submitted as a school district application (i.e., the school district is the main presenter), and priority will be given to vendor sessions by organizations that are TASA Corporate Partners.
    • School districts are encouraged to coordinate the submissions.
    • Concurrent sessions at the Midwinter Conference are learning experiences and are noncommercial. Under no circumstances should a concurrent session be used for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or other self-interest.

    School Law Applications

    • Applications for presentations on school law topics will not be accepted if there is not at least one licensed attorney in the presenting group.
    • No more than three applications per law firm will be accepted for review, and each law firm will be granted approval on no more than two presentation proposals.

    About the Selection Process
    Each proposal will be evaluated based on: how well the title, description, and learning objectives align with each other; how likely is it that the format and delivery methods selected will allow participants to achieve the stated learning objectives, including audience engagement appropriate to the objectives; the presenter(s)’ knowledge in the topic area; how likely conference participants will attend or recommend someone attend the session.

    Proposal Submissions
    The call for proposals for 2019 Midwinter Conference concurrent session proposals closed October 9, 2018. Those who submitted proposals will receive email notifications on the acceptance or non-acceptance of their proposals no sooner than early November.

    Presenter Conference Registration and Travel
    All presenters and co-presenters should register for the Midwinter Conference by December 1. If registration is not complete by this deadline, the accepted presentation may be canceled. Special discounts are not provided to presenters. All costs associated with attending the conference, including registration and travel, are the responsibility of the presenters.

    Contact Brandon Core, TASA, or 800.725.8272.