Districts Leading the Way in Organizational Transformation

College Station ISD

Through a partnership with education technology expert Alan November, College Station ISD teachers and administrators are working to reinvent their classrooms and school structures to use technology in ways that will challenge students and better prepare them for the future.

DeKalb ISD

Prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year, DeKalb ISD hosted the North East Texas Leading and Learning Conference to bring educators together to explore best practices for engaging students and increasing productivity, and to focus on leading and learning through the use of technology. Learn more.

Lytle ISD

To design lessons focused on high-priority learning standards, Lytle ISD provides teachers with a second conference period called Design Time. This time is a facilitated collaboration time during which teachers discuss how standards can be taught to a “profound level” by examining student work, teaching strategies, and assessment opportunities in an effort to design more engaging learning opportunities “where students are not just consumers of knowledge, but creators of knowledge.”