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2018 Report on School Mandates: Cost Drivers in Public Education

  • Unfunded Mandates Report 2018 Each session, TASA and TASB update the “Report on School District Mandates: Cost Drivers in Education,” a comprehensive list of state mandates on school districts that contribute significantly to the rising costs of public education. First compiled in 2002, it includes the majority of mandates passed since 1995 — those Texas laws and regulations that are likely to impose significant implementation costs either collectively or by themselves — but it is not a complete list of all mandates on Texas school districts.

    The goal of the revised report is to assist school leaders in identifying the most significant unfunded or underfunded mandates and in calculating the cost of implementing those mandates in their districts. School officials can help legislators understand the number of unfunded or underfunded mandates imposed on school districts by quantifying the costs of existing mandates, estimating the costs of mandates proposed during subsequent legislative sessions, and continuing to dialogue with their legislative representatives.

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