Texas Reads One Book

  • TROB Texas Reads One Book is a statewide version of the One District, One Book and One School, One Book programs — community reading experiences sponsored by Read to Them, a national family literacy group that has partnered with more than 800 school communities in 47 states.

    TASA and AASA are pleased to partner in this effort to create a culture of reading in schools and communities throughout Texas.
    Student engagement is critical to educational success, and the Texas Reads One Book program fosters that engagement while also involving families and the entire community.

How It Works

  • Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett kicks off Texas Reads One Book each spring when his videotaped reading of the first chapter of the selected book is shown in participating elementary schools. During the three weeks that follow, families take up where Coach Garrett leaves off, reading a chapter from the book each night. 
    Because every family in participating schools receives a copy of the book, even reluctant readers and parents who don’t normally participate in school activities get involved. Spanish-language copies of the selected book are available for Spanish-speaking families.
    Daily trivia questions, discussions, and other activities in the schools ensure that reading takes center stage in the home, school, and community throughout the duration of the program.
    By stimulating family involvement in the reading process and boosting student engagement with books, the Texas Reads One Book program can contribute to breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Reports from districts in Virginia and New York that have used the “One Book” model for several years indicate higher test scores and increased interest in reading among students.

5 Reasons for Your District to Participate

  • Texas Reads One Book ...
    1. models reading as a positive, fun, and meaningful activity for all students and their families regardless of their backgrounds, past experiences, reading scores or literacy levels.
    2. promotes vocabulary and literacy development in the home and is especially effective with at-risk children, raised in poverty, who have a 30 million word deficit in their language exposure by the time they enter school.
    3. builds relationships and turns family members into “Literacy Leaders.”
    4. creates lasting systemic change especially when multiple programs are instituted annually.
    5. is flexible, fun, easy, and cost-effective and leads to a community of readers.ODOB Graph

    Although many individual campuses participate in Texas Reads One Book, district-wide involvement is ideal. According to Read to Them, when all the elementary campuses in a district are involved, an average of 95 percent of families participate, creating a shift in attitudes about reading and resulting in increased reading scores.

The 2019 Program

  • The 2019 Texas Reads One Book program kicks off April 15 and will feature the book, Friendship According to Humphrey.

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Options for Participation

  • Copy of Book + Resources

    Get a copy of Friendship According to Humphrey and accompanying resource materials for just $5.95 per student.

    Resources Only!

    Get resource materials only and acquire the books on your own for just $1 per student for all the resources listed below.

    Registration Deadline

    The deadline to sign up is March 15.

Included Resource Materials

  • Cost is per student, and participating schools receive:
    • a copy of the selected book for each student (not included with $1 per student resources only option)
    • an exclusive video of Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett personally addressing the students and reading aloud the first chapter of the selected book (Friendship According to Humphrey)
    • assembly ideas
    • suggested activities
    • daily trivia questions
    • classroom reproducibles on spelling, vocabulary, etc. (English and Spanish)
    • school/family/community outreach materials that include:
      • letter home (English and Spanish)
      • home reading schedule (English and Spanish)
      • 10 tips for reading aloud (English and Spanish)
      • "Help Your Child Become a Strong Reader" (English and Spanish)
      • "How to Do Texas Reads One Book"
      • community sponsor letter
      • "Our Texas Reads One Book Model"
      • school posters
      • student bookmarks
      • exclusive Betty G. Birney video

    Districts and schools can fund the program in a variety of ways. Some use Title I funds or apply for grants. Others seek support from businesses and community organizations. At the school level, PTA groups might provide funding.

How to Register

Why Participate in Texas Reads One Book?

  • “I believe in Texas Reads One Book. This will be my second year in Caldwell ISD using the program and my third time overall. The value of having the coach read the first chapter is impressive. Last year in my district, we also had different high school students, coaches, and teachers read a chapter and share it out with our families. Our local folks reading personalizes it for our community. Getting young boys to read is always a challenge, but the way this program is set up, it helps us reach the average fourth or fifth grade boy with good stories that are interesting.”
    —Andrew Peters, Caldwell ISD superintendent

    "For the past three years, Texas Reads One Book has engaged elementary families across Texas. Each year, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett kicks off the program by reading from the first chapter of the selected book: 'The World According to Humphrey,' 'Charlotte’s Web' and, this year, 'The Lemonade War.' Such family-focused programs can be true “game changers” that engage teachers, students, and parents and ignite systemic change that revolves around a love of learning rather than test scores. The excitement generated among students and families continues long after the shared reading experience concludes."
    Gary Anderson, founder, Read to Them


Advisory Committee Members

  • The following Texas superintendents serve on the Texas Reads One Book Advisory Committee:
    • Diane Frost (chair), Corsicana ISD
    • Jeanette Ball, Judson ISD
    • Ricardo Lopez, Garland ISD
    • Andrew Peters, Caldwell ISD
    • Jill Siler, Gunter ISD