Korem Behavioral Interviewing Method Workshops

  • Each school year, TASA sponsors workshops on the Korem Interviewing Method led by Dan Korem, international speaker and author of The Art of Profiling-Reading People Right the First Time. The method combines on-the-spot profiling and behavioral interviewing, helping you avoid ineffective hires that cost your district time and money by identifying the person with the knowledge, skill, experience, culture fit, and adaptability for your position.

Upcoming Dates

  • No events are scheduled at this time.

What You Will Learn

  • Day One
    • How to use the Korem Profiling System® for education needs
    • Guidelines for systematic profiling accuracy that extend beyond intuition and reading "body language"
    • How to profile people who put on a "game face" — and before you meet them
    • How to profile people from different cultures without stereotyping — even if you can't speak their language

    Day Two

    • How to conduct a behavioral interview using the Korem Profiling System®
    • How your teams can quickly identify the best-fit profiles to complement their teammates
    • Key behavioral questions to identify a candidate's profile when hiring
    • Tips on writing ads and enhancing your booth at job fairs to reach target profiles
    • Using the Korem Profiling System® to build and lead teams
    • How to use the Korem Profiling System® to detect lying and deception
    • Guidelines for selecting personnel who will take on new responsibilities

What Is Provided

  • More than $125 worth of materials, including The Art of Profiling and SnapshotReading and Treating People Right the First Time by Dan Korem

About Dan Korem

  • Dan Korem Dan Korem, a critically acclaimed investigative journalist and author, developed the landmark Korem Profiling System®. No stranger to Texas educators, Korem & Associates has trained thousands of Texas educators since 1997 and has been a guest lecturer or keynote speaker at many conferences. The author of the classic, The Art of Profiling, his new book is Snapshot-Reading and Treating People Right the First Time.