Texas Districts Using Multiple Assessments

Clear Creek ISD

Clear Creek ISD has implemented standards-based grading in pre-K, Kindergarten, and first grade. This system allows students to know exactly what is expected in each content area and provides parents with a more detailed outline of learning expectations and student progress. Read more about standards-based grading.

Coppell ISD

One Coppell ISD fifth-grade teacher uses various methods of assessment, including "talk a mile a minute" and formative assessment, to gauge student learning.

Highland Park ISD

The senior internship program at Highland Park High School gives students hands-on experience with professional mentors and tests what they're learning in a real-world setting.

Lewisville ISD

Lewisville ISD's standards-based report card relies on meaningful, varied assessments.

Northwest ISD

Standards-based bulletin boards motivate students and illustrate to others the work students in Northwest ISD are doing to meet the standards.

Prosper ISD

Prosper ISD is using hands-on learning opportunities to get students engaged and to assess what they know. See samples of student projects that demonstrate their learning.

Sunnyvale ISD

Sunnyvale ISD’s SISD Writes program was among just 12 innovative programs selected to be featured in Texas School Business magazine’s 10th Annual Bragging Rights issue. It is a platform for students to grow as writers through meaningful, interactive feedback from their teachers. Each year, students are issued a set of folders in Google Drive for different types of writing. Throughout the school year, students add writing samples from all core content areas, including ELA, math, science, social studies, and pieces of real-world, relevant writing. Core teachers then provide feedback based upon the respective rubric. This past fall, Sunnyvale ISD joined six other districts in a TEA pilot program to test a new state writing assessment tool that utilizes the strengths of the SISD Writes program. The pilot is part of House Bill 1164, which went into effect in 2015. In lieu of the traditional STAAR writing test, Sunnyvale ISD fourth and seventh graders will be assessed through the TEA pilot. Freshmen and sophomores will still take the STAAR/end-of-course exam, but their teachers will continue to evaluate their writing through the SISD Writes program. Read the Bragging Rights article.

Willis ISD

Teachers in Willis ISD have implemented a daily math review element as a warm-up to start math class each day. The review is a quick independent practice for students with teacher guidance. Once complete, the students talk with friends and reflect on the learning. Teachers have seen an increase in student use of higher-level questioning and responses.

Video: 2016 Texas Superintendent of the Year Tells SBOE We Must Give Up the "Testing Game"

  • 2016 Texas Superintendent of the Year Mary Ann Whiteker spoke to the State Board of Education on January 29, 2016, about reducing the emphasis on standardized testing and how doing so has benefited her district, Hudson ISD. Learn more and see the video.