OHDDC Services Overview

  • In March 2012, TASA entered into an agreement with the Organizational Health Diagnostic and Development Corporation (Organizational Health), founded in 1981 by Dr. Marvin Fairman. OHDDC was recently endorsed by the American Association of School Administrators and has been highlighted by the Council of Chief State School Officers in its Successful Practices series. Following is a description of services provided by OHDDC:
    Assessing the Organizational Health of key leadership teams throughout an organization on an annual basis provides an objective and reliable method of focusing organizational energies on continuous improvement for leaders and members of their units. When leaders model perpetual learning, it has a positive impact upon members of their teams. As a result of improved Organizational Health, productivity will increase. We have consistently found a statistically significant correlation between Organizational Health data and key measure of productivity.
    • In public school systems, our diagnostic and development strategies are most often initiated by the superintendent; however, these strategies have also been initiated by assistant superintendents, staff developers, and proactive principals.
    • In a corporate setting, our diagnostic and development strategies are typically introduced by the CEO or a key leader in the Human Resources department.
    Organizational Health's diagnostic and development processes:
    • Can be incorporated into existing management systems,
    • Will provide quality assurance for the superintendent or CEO,
    • Can fulfill externally or internally mandated leadership training requirements,
    • Will provide a systematic process for developing leaders and leadership teams,
    • Will Improve leadership and organizational effectiveness, and
    • Help produce improved productivity throughout an organization.