Digital Content Development Workshops

  • TASA's Digital Content Development Workshops are hands-on learning opportunities for educators who want to create customized digital content to use in their classrooms or to distribute within their school districts.

    Each workshop is an intensive one-day course designed to familiarize your district team with the rich library of digital content resource collections available through TASA on iTunes U and equip them with the skills needed to use those resources and others to build customized courses using the iTunes U Course Manager.

Why is digital content so important?

  • To prepare future-ready students, schools must embrace and seize technology's potential to make their learning experiences more engaging. For digital integration to happen in the classroom, teachers must have easy access to digital content that supports their lessons.

How does TASA on iTunes U fit in?

  • TASA created TASA on iTunes U to make it easier for schools and teachers to integrate digital content into learning. It is a library of digital resource collections, organized by course, that teachers may access for free. Each collection includes lesson-enhancing digital resources that teams of experienced teachers and content specialists have curated. Resources are not only aligned with the TEKS, but also interesting and engaging for students. TASA on iTunes U has now grown to include 62 resource collections on a wide variety of grade levels and subjects, so TASA is offering these Digital Content Development Workshops to help teachers, content specialists, and instructional leaders learn how to use it to its fullest potential.

What is the workshop like?

  • Each workshop kicks off with an introduction to TASA on iTunes U by a TASA on iTunes U content lead — an educator who has played a key role in curating the resources contained in the library’s collections. Then, teams dive into the real work of creating digital content. Attendees walk through the basics of successful digital content implementation and build custom courses for their own use.

Contact Us

  • Brandon Core, Associate Executive Director, School Transformation and Leadership Services, or Debbie O'Donnell, Executive Assistant, School Transformation and Leadership Services, 512.477.6361 or 800.725.TASA (8272)


Upcoming Dates

  • Dates for the Digital Content Development Workshops to be held across Texas during the 2016-17 school year will be posted soon. These are single-day events.

Who should attend?

  • District teams of up to six people may include anyone who plays a role in campus or district edtech or digital integration initiatives:
    • classroom teachers
    • department chairs
    • instructional coaches and specialists
    • curriculum coordinators
    • teaching and learning experts
    • district and campus level instructional leaders

    (These workshops are very similar to the Digital Content Leadership Academies TASA offered in recent years and in which nearly 1,000 Texas educators participated, so previous participants who attend will find significant overlap.)