A Note From Our President

Wanted: Leaders who are passionate in their belief that education must be our first priority, uncompromising in their commitment to excellence, ready to topple the status quo, and resolved to transform public education.

We are the Texas Association of School Administrators. We are as diverse as our great state, but we share the mission of creating and sustaining student-centered schools that develop future-ready students.

Standing together as the most influential leaders of the state's public education system, we are uniquely positioned to transform our schools into inspired learning organizations that truly meet the needs of 21st century learners. We invite you to join us as we work to transform public education.

The choice of Texas' top public school administrators, TASA provides valuable networking opportunities that facilitate sharing and collaboration among districts otherwise separated by distance and demographics.

Other TASA services and benefits, including legislative and policy advocacy, professional learning opportunities, and targeted communications, also benefit superintendents and other school leaders, whether they are managing day-to-day district operations or providing innovative and future-focused leadership in our public schools.

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown
TASA President
Superintendent, Alamo Heights ISD