CMAT Offerings

  • Level 1: Curriculum Assessment Design and Delivery is a three-day training program designed to prepare participants to examine and evaluate deep alignment issues in order to improve student achievement.

    Level 2: Systems Factors: Governance, Leadership, and Support Services is a three-day training designed to prepare participants to examine and evaluate system-based issues to optimize the delivery of effective teaching and learning.

    The CMSi Curriculum Writing Workshop is a three-day training that equips district leaders and teachers to develop a framework for written curriculum that is unit-based and supportive of student-centered, cognitively challenging and engaging instruction.

    The CMSi Curriculum Management Planning Workshop is a two-day training that focuses individuals on the key components of a quality written plan that outlines the priorities and procedures involved with managing written curriculum in the district to assure alignment and to support the most effective instruction in every classroom.

    Level 3 Program: School leaders who have completed both Level 1 and Level 2 CMAT must also complete the Level 3 program, which is focused on report writing, for licensure as curriculum management auditors. This level of training is by invitation only, following submission of application materials to Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSi). If you have any questions related to the Level 3 training or application process, please contact Kelly Schweer with CMSi at 515.276.8911 or

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