Election Law Calendar

  • The following are important dates related to the Saturday, May 6, 2017, school board trustee election. If you have any questions regarding election procedures, contact the Elections Division Office of the Secretary of State, 800-252-VOTE (8683) or 512-463-5650 or visit www.sos.state.tx.us.

    Download a PDF of the Election Law Calendar or find the information on the calendar below. (Click on the gold banner for details on each deadline or range of dates that are significant to the election.)

    Note on Joint Election Requirement

    School districts must have joint polling places on election day with either a city (located wholly or partly within the school district) holding an election on the uniform election day, a public junior college district in which the school district is wholly or partly located if it is having an elections for members of its governing board, a hospital district in limited circumstances, or the county on the November uniform election day in even-numbered years.

    Note on Notice of Candidate Filing Periods

    The authority with whom an application for a place on the ballot is filed must post a notice of the filing period dates in a building in which the authority maintains an office. The notice must be posted not later than the 30th day before the first day to file. (Sec. 141.040). If you order a special election to fill a vacancy, the order must include the filing deadline; we recommend posting the notice of the filing period as soon as practicable after a special election is ordered.

    Note of Notice of Election

    School districts are required to publish their notice in a newspaper at least once between the 30th day and the 10th day before the election, Thursday, April 6 – Wednesday, April 26. School districts must also post the notice on the school district’s website, if the school district maintains a website. The email address at which the early voting clerk may receive applications for a ballot by mail must be included. Voting on ANY Saturday or Sunday must be included in the order and notice of the election. The order and notice must include the dates and hours of Saturday or Sunday voting. Notice of the election must be delivered to the county clerk and voter registrar of each county in which the school district is located not later than the 60th day before election day, Tuesday, March 7.

    Notice of Previous Polling Place

    If a different polling place is being used from the previous election held by the same authority, notice must be posted at the entrance of the previous polling place informing voters of the current polling place location, if possible. (Sec. 43.062)

Election Law Calendar