2013 Grassroots Campaign

  • The 82nd Legislative Session was one of the most brutal in recent history, ultimately resulting in a $5.4 billion cut to public education funding.

    But at the same time, we witnessed a groundswell of support for public education. More than 13,000 people rallied on the Capitol steps in March 2011, demanding that lawmakers make education a priority.

    School districts are reeling from the cuts of 2011, but now is not the time to rest. It is time for action. It's critically important for administrators to talk with parents, teachers, community leaders and locally elected officials on issues that impact Texas public schools. Those audiences need to understand the implications of decisions made at the state level, and how those decisions are impacting students.

    We'd like to see every legislator be contacted by TASA members on crucial education issues prior to the next legislative session. To help, TASA has developed materials with statewide information regarding school finance, accountability, state budget matters and other issues. You'll find those materials here and we'll continue to update them as issues arise, offering ammunition to fend off the frequent attacks from those who seem focused on dismantling public education.

Contact Us

  • Please contact TASA staff Amy Beneski, Ramiro Canales, or Casey McCreary if you have any questions about the materials or need additional information to prepare for meetings with legislators and other interested stakeholders.

    For media inquiries please contact Amy Francisco, director of communications and media relations at 512-477-6361 ext. 2127