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  • Texas Accountability Series

    by John Tanner, executive director, Test Sense Year Published: 2016

    Knowing Texas educators' concerns about the state accountability system, state testing requirements, and the pending implementation of A-F ratings, in 2016 the Texas Association of School Administrators commissioned John Tanner, executive director of Test Sense and author of “The Pitfalls of Reform,” to research and write three essays that begin the “Texas Accountability Series,” a collection of essays to inform school leaders, policymakers, and the public about the potential impact and consequences of A-F ratings on Texas public schools. No evidence was found to support A-F school rating systems as effective. Access the essays.

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  • A Transformational Vision for Education in the U.S.

    by Education Reimagined Year Published: 2015

    In September 2015, an exciting effort to reimagine education that began two years before went public when Education Reimagined released A Transformational Vision for Education in the U.S. In many respects it complements Texas’ MISSION: School Transformation. It lays out a vision in which our factory-school model of education has been transformed into a truly learner-centered one. It is a future with thriving learners surrounded by engaged and empowered parents, educators, and communities. It’s a vision in which the concepts of time, place, way, and path adapt to meet the learner’s needs, passions, circumstances, and interests, supporting them to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to thrive. Read the vision.

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  • Next Generation School Accountability

    by Commissioned by the Oklahoma State Department of Education Year Published: 2015

    Oklahoma is among the states that has chosen to report school performance using a single letter grade generated primarily from standardized test results. In 2015, the Oklahoma State Department of Education published this report, Next Generation School Accountability, which says that the A-F grading system was not designed with the vision of college and career readiness in mind and that a next generation accountability system is needed to ensure that all students are college and career ready upon graduation from an Oklahoma high school. Download the report.

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  • Fact Sheet on Federal Testing Action Plan

    by U.S. Department of Education Year Published: 2015

    The Testing Action Plan released by the U.S. Department of Education in October 2015 says that an assessment should be “just one of multiple measures” of evaluating student performance. See the Fact Sheet on the Testing Action Plan, which includes principles for fewer and smarter assessments suggested by the USDE.

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  • Digital Learning Brief

    by Committee for Economic Development in Cooperation with TASA and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Year Published: 2013

    Digital Learning: Meeting the Challenges and Embracing the Opportunities for Teachers, a policy brief from the Committee for Economic Development prepared in cooperation with TASA and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, explains how digital learning opportunities: increase student enrichment; address teacher effectiveness; mitigate inequality; and prepare students for success. It addresses the need to advance professional development and teacher training, tells the stories of two districts that are integrating digital learning opportunities, and notes the implications of a focus on 21st century learning for business leaders and policymakers. Download the brief.

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