School Transformation-Related Professional Development

  • School transformation is dependent on vision-driven leadership; school leaders must take the steps needed to fully understand and implement the key principles of transformation. It is also dependent on change in each and every classroom.

    Teacher leaders and other educators must engage in professional development that helps them transition from the traditional role of disseminating content knowledge to that of designing instruction to guide students’ discovery and application of information.

    The Texas Association of School Administrators provides learning opportunities that develop leaders who can create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students, as well as professional development that promotes the changes needed to achieve a transformed classroom, including the expansion of digital learning and technology.

    Current Transformation-Focused Learning Opportunities

  • ATL  
    The Texas Association of School Administrators and the Schlechty Center designed the Academy for Transformational Leadership, a four-part, year-long academy held in three locations across Texas, for educational leaders who are committed to school transformation through nurturing joyous student learning and creating inspiring workplaces for teachers and staff. Learn more.