• TCWSE 2019 Conference

Conference Events

  • TCWSE's Annual Conference features a host of sessions and events designed to make you feel at home while enhancing your professional skills.  Here are just a few of our special events.
    Newcomer Session — If you're brand-new to TCWSE, you'll want to attend this season for a quick overview of the council and its history.  We'll also share how TCWSE can help you and your colleagues get the most out of your career!
    Focus Sessions — Our focus sessions cover a wide spectrum of topics designed to enhance your leadership and administrative skills as well as sharpen your perspective on your own personal growth.
    Celebration/Awards Luncheon — Our Saturday luncheon is definitely a highlight of the conference.  We celebrate you and your colleagues—the wonderful women who give their all to the schoolchildren of Texas.  It's also a special time to recognize members who have made a difference to TCWSE and to public education in Texas.
    Career Panels — This special set of sessions focuses on different aspects of the superintendency, central office administration, the principalship, and leadership opportunities beyond the ISD.  
    Résumé Reviews — Personalized review sessions provide you the opportunity to gain a fresh understanding of how to put your best foot forward and make your résumé rise above the crowd.  This is a must-do session for administrators heading up the career ladder.
    Welcome Reception — Sure we offer delicious hors d'oeuvres and refreshing beverages, but more importantly, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women administrators, practice your networking skills, and share your reflections on the conference — a perfect segue to dinner with friends or colleagues! 
    Mentoring with the Masters — Join us for a dynamic opportunity to network with educators who have been leaders in a variety of positions in education.  Sit at a table with selected mentors from across the state and engage in a conversation designed to help you continue to grow as a leader. 

Conference Program