The Reading Corner

  • Engaging Students: The Next Level of Working on the Work

    by Phil Schlechty Year Published: 2011 Required reading for TASA's Academy for Transformational Leadership
    This innovative and practical book is focused on helping teachers become increasingly successful in designing engaging work for their students. Schlechty contends that rather than viewing schools as teaching platforms, schools must be viewed as learning platforms. Rather than seeing schools as knowledge distribution systems, schools must be seen as knowledge work systems. Rather than defining teachers as instructors, teachers must be defined as designers, leaders, and guides to instruction. Engaging Students also includes useful questionnaires that will facilitate discussion, analysis, and action planning at both school and classroom levels.
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  • The Ten Faces of Innovation

    by Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman Year Published: 2005 Required reading for TASA's Academy for Transformational Leadership
    Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience managing IDEO, Kelley identifies ten roles people can play in an organization to foster innovation and new ideas while offering an effective counter to naysayers. Among these approaches are the Anthropologist—the person who goes into the field to see how customers use and respond to products, to come up with new innovations; theCross-pollinator who mixes and matches ideas, people, and technology to create new ideas that can drive growth; and the Hurdler, who instantly looks for ways to overcome the limits and challenges to any situation.
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  • World Class Learners

    by Yong Zhao Year Published: 2012 Required reading for TASA's Academy for Transformational Leadership
    To succeed in the global economy, students need to think like entrepreneurs. Zhao unlocks secrets to cultivating independent thinkers who can create jobs and contribute positively to the globalized society.
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