Texas Public Accountability Consortium (TPAC)

  • The Texas Public Accountability Consortium’s work on community-based accountability is not part of the Local Accountability System pilot established by TEA in response to House Bill 22, 85th Legislature, although several TPAC districts are participating in the TEA pilot.

    The Texas Public Accountability Consortium (TPAC) is a group of 51 Texas school districts working to build on the success of community-based accountability systems already in use in districts across the state by developing next-generation measures and assessments that would enable wider use of such systems.

    By focusing on tools and methodologies capable of producing both actionable information and data that can figure into each district’s community-based accountability system, TPAC is working toward its goal of demonstrating that a well-crafted community-based accountability system can better communicate the quality of effort by a school and district than the state’s standardized, test-centric accountability system, which fails to provide a full picture of what is actually taking place in a school.

    TPAC’s mission is to restore agency to districts and campuses, and prove that educators who take an active role in their accountability can create rich systems that transcend any standardized system.

When Accountability Systems Fail

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Answering the challenge of next-generation assessment and accountability

TPAC Member Districts

In 2018, 16 new districts joined TPAC. The following 51 districts are currently involved:
District Region
Alamo Heights ISD 20
Alvarado ISD 11
Alvin ISD 4
Amarillo ISD 16
Arlington ISD 11
Austin ISD 13
Bosqueville ISD 12
Brady ISD 15
Burkburnett ISD 9
Canadian ISD 16
Chapel Hill ISD 8
Clear Creek ISD 4
College Station ISD 6
Coppell ISD 10
Corsicana ISD 12
DeKalb ISD 8
East Central ISD 20
Elgin ISD 13
Fort Bend ISD 4
Fort Worth ISD 11
Frisco ISD 10
Galena Park ISD 4
Galveston ISD 4
Georgetown ISD 13
Gladewater ISD 7
Godley ISD 11