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Texas Teacher of the Year Duties

  • The Texas Teachers of the Year serve as traveling ambassadors for public education as they speak for, motivate, and exemplify the contributions of the teaching profession. They, along with their school district's public information officer, set their own schedule of speeches, workshops, and presentations, while continuing as classroom teachers. The two Texas Teachers of the Year typically represent teachers across the state during the school year following their nomination.

    State (2) and Regional Teachers of the Year (38) will:

    • Attend the Teacher of the Year awards luncheon.
    • Receive awards in recognition of their achievements.
    • Travel the state and their regions to share their expertise with other teachers, community groups, businesses, government officials, and future teachers.
    • Help identify and recruit teachers.

    Additionally, the Texas Teacher of the Year (1) will:

    • Attend all National Teacher of the Year program activities.
    • Be recognized by the State Board of Education, the Texas Legislature, and the Texas Association for School Administrators.
    • Serve on the Educator Leadership Council.
    • Represent the program at various statewide recognition events for education.
    • Receive additional technology or scholarship awards from program sponsors.

    Contact: Jennifer Garrido, Texas Teacher of the Year Coordinator, 512.852.2105