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Assessment & Accountability

  • Support the reduction of the length of state assessments and of the number of field test items.

    Oppose measures to increase the number of end–of–course exams (EOCs) required for graduation purposes.

    Advocate that the student assessment program for grades 3-8 be limited to only those assessments required to meet ESSA requirements:
    • reading in grades 3–8
    • math in grades 3–8
    • science in grades 5 and 8
    Advocate for the restructuring of the statewide student assessment program for grades 3–8 and the high school EOC exams so that it assesses only high-priority learning standards (readiness standards could be used on an interim basis).

    Advocate for the development of high-priority learning standards by the State Board of Education.

    Advocate for eliminating the requirement that students enrolled in dual-credit courses must take and pass comparable EOCs.

    Advocate for extending the number of days used to determine school year enrollment for English Language Learners who are unschooled asylees or refugees from 60 to 120 consecutive days.

    Advocate for the removal of grade advancement requirements that are tied to the state standardized assessments in reading and math for grades 5 and 8.

    Advocate for the continuation of Individual Graduation Committees with authority to allow students to graduate when the students have successfully completed all required curriculum requirements but have failed no more than two EOCs.

    Advocate for a public school accountability system that ensures ratings are reflective of overall student performance at campus and district levels and not limited to the lowest performing students.

    Advocate for the establishment of a comprehensive accountability system that looks beyond high-stakes, multiple-choice exams to meaningful assessments that have value for students, parents, and teachers, as well as measures what each community deems important in promoting college and career readiness. Oppose A–F campus and district ratings.
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