Current Learning Opportunities

  • School Transformation Customized Services
    TASA’s experts can provide training or consulting to district staff, or even assist in the facilitation of transformation in your district and larger community. TASA’s School Transformation Learning & Engagement Services are completely customizable and can help your district move to the next level of school transformation.

    Academy for Transformational Leadership
    TASA and the Schlechty Center designed the Academy for Transformational Leadership, a four-part, year-long academy held in three locations across Texas, for educational leaders who are committed to school transformation through nurturing joyous student learning and creating inspiring workplaces for teachers and staff.

    A Rural Schools Initiative: Integrating Visioning, T-TESS, & Neuroscience to Improve Student Learning
    Part of 21st century learning is understanding how the brain actually works. This year's Rural Schools Initiative Academy is focused on working with educators to design tomorrow's learning for yesterday's brain. The brain we have is the only one we get; trade-ins aren't available! Teachers will learn to design more effective instruction and principals will become more aware of instructional principles to look for when conducting observations under the T-TESS.

    Engaging the Net Generation
    Engaging the Net Generation embraces the role of teacher as guide to instruction and shows educators how to engage students by merging engagement, design, and the digital environment into the 21st-century learning experience students deserve.

    Engaging the Next Generation
    Engaging the Next Generation is designed as a sequel to Engaging the Net Generation. While the "Net Generation" provides a framework for teachers to use digital tools for student engagement, the "Next Generation" concentrates on teachers creating and curating digital resources for student engagement.


  • Transformation requires us “to do things [we] have never done before — not just get better at what [we] have always done.”
    —Phillip Schlechty