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  • TASA announces SREB Readiness Courses now aligned to Texas standards

    In partnership with the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) has worked with Texas educators to align two SREB-developed college- and career-readiness courses with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

    SREB developed two readiness courses, one in mathematics and one in disciplinary literacy called Math Ready and Literacy Ready, to help underprepared students reach college- and career-readiness benchmarks before high school graduation. The courses—aligned to Texas standards and free of charge—are now available in digital form in TASA on iTunes U and comprehensive PDF versions on our website (at right). The comprehensive PDF versions of the readiness courses are also available for download on SREB's website.

    "We're excited about the opportunity to align the SREB Readiness Courses to Texas standards, continuing our mission to provide engaging and valuable resources to educators," said TASA executive director Johnny Veselka.

    With a team of Texas teachers and content specialists, all units and corresponding lessons of Math Ready and Literacy Ready have been aligned to the TEKS and to the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). Texas districts can now easily use and adapt the courses to meet the needs of their students.

    The readiness courses are designed to assist students whose performance indicates they are not yet ready for college-level coursework—meaning they do not reach the state's college- and career-readiness benchmarks on the ACT, SAT, or other assessment.

    "SREB is pleased to work with TASA on this effort, said SREB president Dave Spence. "We look forward to working with districts in Texas to survey the effectiveness of the courses in preparing students for their postsecondary pursuits. We will make future improvements to the courses with the help of TASA's team."

    The SREB Readiness Courses promote deep learning over memorization so that students are actively engaged in a real-world context. The Texas-edition Literacy Ready course teaches high school students strategies for reading, writing about, and understanding college-level texts and documents in all subject areas. The course consists of six units and allows students to master the literacy skills needed for three core subject areas with two units in history, two units in English, and two in science.

    The Texas-edition Math Ready course emphasizes the understanding of math concepts, rather than just memorization of procedures. This equips students with the ability to apply math skills, functions and concepts in different situations. The math course is made up of eight units which include: algebraic expressions, equations, measurement and proportional reasoning, linear functions, linear systems of equations, quadratic functions, exponential functions and summarizing and interpreting statistical data. In short, this course engages students in deeper learning so that they may undertake postsecondary academic or career preparation in non-STEM fields or majors.

    The Texas edition of the SREB Readiness Courses can be accessed by searching for "Texas Association of School Administrators" in the iTunes U catalog or by visiting Once in the TASA on iTunes U library, click the See All button to locate and subscribe to the Math Ready and Literacy Ready courses. To access the entire Literacy Ready course in TASA on iTunes U, you must subscribe to each of the six units that make up the course. The Math Ready course is available as a single subscription.

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