• TASA/TASB Convention

TASA/TASB Convention Registration Instructions

  • Registration & Housing Open Monday, June 19, at 8 a.m.

    Check Individuals in Your Organization
    Prior to beginning the actual registration process, determine who you will be registering (your superintendent, board members, other district staff) and check to be sure that these individuals are listed under your Organization in TASA's Member Services Center. Here's how:

      • If you have an account, but can't remember your password, click Forgot your password? to request an email containing your password
      • If you do not have an MSC account, click Create an Account.
        NOTE: If you are new to your district or organization and had a TASA Member Services Center account with another district / organization, do NOT create a new account for yourself. Log into the system with your old username (email address) and password. You can make changes to your profile once you are logged in. If you need assistance, please contact the TASA office.Log in as yourself to TASA's Member Services Center.
    1. Once you are logged into the MSC, click the My Organization tab in the navigation bar and scroll down to Organization Contacts.
    2. If the person you are registering does NOT appear in the district contact list below, either that person needs to create a Member Services Center account for him/herself OR you may also create an account for that person. If the person is new to your district, he/she may have had a TASA Member Services Center account with a previous district. Please check with that person before creating a possible duplicate account. If they do have an account from a previous district, ask them to login and update their account.
    3. To create a new account for a person not in the system:
      • DO NOT change the name on any existing account!
      • Scroll down to the bottom of the Organization Contacts page and click the Create New Account button.
      • Enter a valid email address for that person; do not use your own email address … the system will check to ensure he/she is not already in our system.
      • Be prepared to enter First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Position Category (select from dropdown), and Title for the person.
      • NOTE: You can also create a contact person within the Event Registration process. The Create New Account button is at the bottom of the screen titled Select the individuals for whom you are registering. You will need the same information as indicated above.
    4. When you are ready to proceed to registration, be sure to have the following information on hand for each person you will be registering:
      • Badge Name (First Name)
      • Badge Title (a list of available badge titles is provided)
      • First/Last Name of Registrant Spouse (if attending; review the TASA/TASB Convention Guest Policy)
      • Whether or not the registrant will attend the Small District Seminar (ADA 750 or less) or the New Board Member Seminar
      • Payment Method (credit card or purchase order; if PO option is selected, you must provide a PO #)
      • Billing Email and Address

    Register for the Convention

    1. Once you are logged into the MSC, click the Events tab in the navigation bar and scroll down to TASA/TASB Convention.
    2. Click the next button on the "About" page.
    3. Select the first individual you need to register from the contact list. Use the Create New Account button as needed.
    4. Proceed through the registration process for each person you are registering in this session.
    5. Enter your payment information and submit.
    6. You will receive an email confirmation of the registration. If you do not receive confirmation, the registration was NOT completed and you will need to start over.

    If you have any questions about creating an account or registering for an event, please contact TASA Membership and Registration, 512.477.6361 or 800.725.TASA (8272).

  • Register

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