Consortium Associates

Expectations of Consortium Associates

  • Consortium Associates are expected to share a commitment to the principles and premises outlined in The New Vision for Public Education in Texas and engage as a contributing partner with Consortium members and other districts in the ongoing transformation work. Districts must agree with and commit to the transformation goals and outcomes, evidenced by:
    • Securing Board of Trustees support for participation, confirmed by a resolution (see sample resolution) or board meeting minutes (see sample board agenda item)
    • Engaging meaningfully as a contributing and learning member of the group, sharing the work taking place in their districts
    • Participating in one or more Consortium working groups (learning standards, multiple assessments, digital integration, community-based accountability)
    • Joining the School Transformation Network and participating in a regional consortium
    • Committing staff time and resources to support the district's participation in the work
    • Commitment to creating a community-based accountability system in accord with the vision principles