• Article I – Membership Due
    Persons wishing to join TCPEA will be assessed annual dues as determined by the membership.

    Article II – Membership Year
    The period of membership for each person who joins TCPEA will begin September 1 of any given year, and continue through August 31 of the succeeding year.

    Article III – Fiscal Year
    The fiscal year shall begin September 1of any given year, and continue through August 31 of the succeeding year.

    Article IV – Meetings
    The Executive Board shall schedule a minimum of two meetings a year.

    Article V – Elections

    Section 1. The Executive Board shall be elected as follows:

    1. A nominating committee of at least three (3) members shall be selected by the Executive Board.
    2. The nominating committee should consider diversity, with particular attention to geographic diversity, in developing the slate for open positions
    3. The nominating committee shall present its recommended slate of candidates for the board to the membership in advance of the fall meeting. Additional nominations will be taken from the floor at the fall meeting
    4. The election will be conducted at the fall meeting. Nominees receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. In case of a tie, there will be a run off election.
    5. Elected members take office immediately following the fall meeting.

    Article VI - Quorum
    Fifty-one percent of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum of that body. General membership appearing for any one of the meetings will constitute a quorum for the meeting.

    Article VIII – Publications and Positions
    Any publications or positions sponsored by TCPEA shall be approved by the Executive Board through a formal vote taken at a face-to-face, phone, or electronic meeting and recorded in the meeting minutes.

    Article IX – Expenditures
    The funds of TCPEA shall be distributed and accounted for by the Executive Council and reported upon at semiannual meetings.

    Article X – Amendments
    The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at regular meeting by a majority vote of the members present providing that notice has been given at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

    Article X – Parliamentary Procedure
    Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall control parliamentary procedure.