• We are proud to partner with Cooper Aerobics in providing wellness information and helpful tips on prevention, fitness, nutrition and coping with stress.

    TASA is committed to helping its members maintain a healthy lifestyle and encourages members to create an environment for staff and students that promotes health and fitness.

    On this page you'll find links to wellness information as well as ideas from school districts around the state on how to foster a culture of healthful living from the board room to the class room.

    Additionally, we've partnered with Cooper Wellness to provide TASA members and their district employees with a 10 percent discount for vitamins and supplements.

    Visit coopercomplete.com to browse Cooper products. Use the code TASA to receive your discount.

    Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas is an international leader in health and wellness research, education, products and services — all designed to help people achieve optimum health and fitness at every stage of life. Founded in 1970, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, who coined the term "aerobics", had the foresight to first open The Cooper Institute to base all his work on research and establish scientific legitimacy from "faddism."

    Today, the 30-acre Cooper Aerobics Center is home to The Cooper Institute 501(c)(3) and seven diverse entities. The mission remains to help individuals and company executives and employees live healthier, happier lives.

    • For a wealth of free health information, visit Cooper Health Tips.
    • Check out The Cooper Institute's blog, Stand up and Eat, an educational and participatory site to help people balance the calories they eat with the calories they burn each day by making active living and healthy eating choices.
    • Sign up here for The Cooperized E-Newsletter. Distributed on the first and third Tuesday of the month, The Cooperized offers research-based health information and tips from Cooper experts.
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