Patricia M. Shell

  • Pat Shell, retired from the superintendency in Brazosport ISD, spent a lifetime mentoring leaders across the state and the nation. Educators turned to her for mentoring because of the philosophy by which she lived throughout her career:

    My personal philosophy of education focuses on the child and stresses the value, worth, uniqueness, and importance of every individual. It includes the importance of assisting each child to reach beyond his or her potential. It includes methods to encourage, technology to assist, personnel to teach, and guidance to lead—for every individual. I strongly believe that all children can and should learn together.

    There is also a broader dimension to my philosophy of education. I am convinced that our nation's commitment to full access to education for all is the only acceptable position for our country, that equity and excellence are both attainable, that the durable American dream that an outstanding education is the key to a better life is still rooted in reality, and that we as individuals and as a society have a new sense of urgency to make our public education schools once again equal to these expectations.

    Pat Shell was a keynote speaker for the very first organizational meeting of TCWSE. She served in leadership positions with integrity and results for the young people of Texas. She was an advocate for quality in leadership that can make a difference in the quality of education. Dean Corrigan of Texas A&M University wrote about Pat Shell, "She has the rare ability to convince people that they can do the things they ought to do even when they think they do not have the ability to do them. She has high expectations; she mixes a unique quality of caring with a caring of quality."

    Dr. Shell passed away in 2012, but the Texas Council of Women School Executives will forever honor her as a mentor and continue to incorporate her counsel to improve leadership skills among educators, helping to ensure success for young people in the future.