• The Journal of Texas Women School Executives is accepting submissions for the January 2020 edition (Vol. V) of its online journal.

    The Journal of Texas Women School Executives (JTWSE) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access e-journal publishing original scholarly research and creative works. JTWSE is an official publication of the Texas Council of Women School Executives (TCWSE). The purpose of JTWSE is to provide a forum to promote the development of women school executives through scholarly research and practice, as well as recognize the professional knowledge and wisdom of practicing and aspiring women school executives, higher education faculty, and other significant partners in education.

    We welcome single-study investigations, research addressing teaching and learning, educational leadership, policy and finance, school law, and other professional and scholarly perspectives. To recognize the diversity of talents and skills, JTWSE also solicits creative works that promote the journal purpose. Creative works include poetry and artwork.

    Submissions must be received no later than July 30, 2019,
    to be considered for the January 2020 issue.

    Send submission directly to drsdross55@icloud.com