Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  • INSIGHT is the professional journal of the Texas Association of School Administrators. Its purpose is to provide TASA members with important information relating to public school administration and education in general that will enable them to advance professionally and gain insight into issues pertinent to effective school administration.

    TASA welcomes article submissions from its members on topics relevant to the purpose of INSIGHT and to the business of public school administration and educational leadership. Articles from nonmembers may be solicited with the approval of TASA's Editorial Advisory Committee or by the Executive Director.

    Manuscripts submitted for consideration for publication in INSIGHT should adhere to the guidelines listed below.

    1. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically (Microsoft Word). Please do NOT send your manuscript as a PDF.

    2. Major articles for the journal should be between 1,000 and 2,500 words.

    3. Include a suggested article title as well as your name, title, and organization at the beginning of the manuscript.

    4. Include brief biographical notes at the end of the article. Please include your address and telephone number, and a digital, high-resolution color photograph of yourself (or wallet photo, if necessary). If you would like the photo returned to you, please indicate so.

    5. Authors are strongly encouraged to send appropriate artwork and/or photographs to accompany articles. Preferred format is high-resolution (300 ppi) TIFF or JPEG for images, EPS for charts and graphs. Provide cutlines and credit where necessary. If you have questions about sending computer graphics, please contact our graphics designer, Anne Harpe, 512-477-6361. TASA reserves the right to final decision on the use of submitted artwork.

    Receipt of all manuscripts will be acknowledged, and the decision to accept or reject a submission will be made as quickly as possible. Please indicate whether or not you want your manuscript and/or artwork returned to you. Acceptance/rejection will be determined by TASA's Editorial Advisory Committee, consistent with the theme that is selected for each issue and the relevance of the manuscript to effective school administration. TASA reserves the right to edit manuscripts accepted for publication in INSIGHT.

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