TCMAC Seminars

  • In addition to an array of curriculum management audit services and auditor training, TCMAC offers the following on-site seminars, in cooperation with Curriculum Management Systems, Inc. (CMSi), with licensed trainers:
    • The Three-Minute Walk-Through training is an exclusive approach to supervision for any educational leader responsible for mentoring and supervising teachers who desires to move supervision to a collaborative level, which can have a powerful impact on student achievement.

    • The Three-Minute Walk-Through Follow-Up is designed for districts that have had administrators trained in Downey Walk-Through training. The follow-up can be customized to meet the administrators' needs.

    • School Visitation Protocol (SchoolView: Gathering Trend Data on Curricular and Instructional Classroom Practices) is a diagnostic data-gathering tool that principals and other school leaders can use to gather trend data regarding curricular and instructional practices in the classroom. This observational data can be used for needs assessment and changes in classroom practices as a result of staff development initiatives.

    • Raising Student Test Scores: A Baker's Dozen Ways presents to teachers, school-based administrators, and other instructional leaders 13 powerful strategies to raise student test scores. The seminar focuses on working with low-performing students with effective approaches to improve student achievement.

    • Taking the Mystery Out of Tests and Textbook Alignment Strategies teaches educators how to analyze high-stakes tests to identify the essential content being assessed. The seminar also provides participants with the principles needed to analyze textbooks and other instructional resources for alignment to the tests in use.

    • Examining Student Work for Standards Alignment and Real-World/Test-Item Formats is designed for school-based administrators and teacher participants to examine classroom artifacts of student work, and calibrate those artifacts with state standards and tested objectives. The calibration process provides educators with feedback regarding the grade level of student work.

    Training Seminars in the Curriculum Audit Process

    • Level 3 Program: Becoming a Curriculum Management Auditor is explained to all potential auditor candidates at the conclusion of both Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. Both Level 1 and Level 2 are required for licensure as a curriculum management auditor. A third program, focusing on report writing, must also be completed for certification. This level of training is by invitation only, following submission of application materials to Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSi). If you have completed both the Level 1 and Level 2 trainings and would like to participate in the Level 3 program, please complete this application from CMSi and return it to them at the address indicated by December 19, 2016. If you have any questions related to the Level 3 training or application process, please contact Kelly Schweer with CMSi at 515.276.8911 or


  • If you would like to contract with TASA for any of our curriculum audit services, or have questions about the program, please contact:
    Opal Core
    Coordinator, Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center