Texas Assessment Conference

Required Information for Concurrent Session Application: 2018 Assessment Conference

  • Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Texas Assessment Conference and Texas Association of Collegiate Testing Personnel Conference. As you consider your program application, please note that the session description must be brief and include target audience and specific focus.

    Topics to consider include:

    • STAAR information
    • assessment issues for special populations
    • data/research, logistics/security
    • use of technology in assessment
    • best practices at campus or district level
    • strategies for new vs. veteran assessment professionals
    • use of assessments in determining college readiness
    • curriculum as related to assessment

    Session applications for the Texas Assessment Conference must be submitted through TASA's Member Services Center (MSC). A link to the MSC also appears on the Texas Assessment Conference website and on TASA's homepage (www.tasanet.org). If you have not previously created an MSC account, you will need to do so to proceed. Once logged into the Member Services Center, click the Events tab, scroll down to the Session Application section, and select Texas Assessment Conference.

    You may complete an application for yourself or on behalf of someone else in your district/organization. You will be given the option to select a main presenter and/or co-presenters from a list of your district's contacts, or add individuals outside of your district/organization.

    You will need the information listed below to complete the online application. Please review the list carefully and collect all relevant information prior to starting the application. If you select individuals from your district/organization contact list, their information will be pre-populated into the appropriate fields.

    Remember, if you start the application but close the browser in the middle of it, you will have to start over from the beginning.

    • Preconference workshops at the Assessment Conference are three hours in length and require an additional fee.
    • Concurrent sessions at the Assessment Conference are one hour and 15 minutes in length.

    NOTE to exhibitors: Please note that to be considered for a vendor/exhibitor presentation, you must co-present with someone from a school campus, district, or college/university. Product demonstration proposals will not be accepted.

    PLEASE NOTE: Hard copy applications are not allowed—NO EXCEPTIONS! You must complete the ONLINE form in order for your presentation to be considered. Faxed/mailed applications will be discarded.

    Main Presenter

    The main presenter is the person who will receive ALL communication relative to this application. If the application is accepted, this person will receive ALL communication related to the scheduling of the session. All presenters and co-presenters must register for 2018 Texas Assessment Conference and pay the registration fee.

    • first and last name
    • title (Note: Titles may be edited for program space purposes.)
    • district, company, or organization 
    • county-district number (if applicable)
    • Education Service Center region
    • district size
    • city, state, zip
    • phone (include area code)
    • email address (required; again, all information related to this application/session will be emailed to the main presenter)


    You may include up to-three (3) co-presenters. All presenters and co-presenters must register for 2018 Texas Assessment Conference and pay the registration fee. You will need the following information for EACH co-presenter:

    • first and last name
    • title (Note: Titles may be edited for program space purposes.)
    • district, company, or organization (Do NOT abbreviate.)
    • email address

    Session Details

    • Session Title (80 character max; longer titles will be edited to fit)
    • Session Objective Enter ONE; 10-word maximum per objective)
    • Session Description (500 character max; use complete sentences; longer descriptions will be edited to fit)
    • Session Category (Select ONE from the following list.)
      • Assessment
      • Curriculum and Instruction
      • District Governance/Leadership
      • STAAR Information
      • Technology
      • Testing

    Presenter Agreement

    Signature Line - As the main presenter, you will be asked to enter your name in the related field to signify that you have read and agree to the Presenter Agreement.

    Publication of Presentation on Texas Assessment Conference Website

    You will be asked to indicate whether or not (yes/no) you will allow your presentation—if accepted—to be published on the conference website.