Executive Committee Election Requirements & Eligibility

  • 2017-19 Executive Committee Elections: Operating Procedures
    Each nomination to the Executive Committee shall be supported by signatures of TASA members in the region, totaling a number equal to 15 percent of the active members in the region, but no less than five signatures. The required number shall be based on the total number of active members in the region at the end (May 31, 2016) of the 2015-16 membership year.
    A petition may be initiated by the candidate or any TASA member in the region. Petitions shall be in the hands of the TASA executive director not later than February 15, 2017. Each member presenting a nomination must state that the nominee is a paid-up member of the Association for the current year and that permission of the proposed nominee has been secured to offer his/her name as a candidate for election to the Executive Committee. Any active TASA member in the region, other than a paid staff member of the Association, is eligible to sign a petition on behalf of a nominee.
    Eligibility Status/Petition Requirements 
    Current Executive Committee members in odd-numbered districts are listed below with their eligibility status. Members are eligible to serve two consecutive two-year terms. Petition requirements are based on 15 percent (but no fewer than five) of regional active members, 2015-16 final count.  

Petition Requirements

15 percent of regional active members (and no fewer than five), 2015-16 final count
Region Active Members Signatures Required
1 64 10
3 68 11
5 56 9
7 168 26
9 46 7
11 270 41
13 204 31
15 64 10
17 87 14
19 26 5

Eligibility Status

* Not eligible for re-election
Region Name District
1 Daniel Trevino Mercedes ISD
3 Jeanette Winn Karnes City ISD
5 Shannon Holmes* Hardin Jefferson ISD
7 Stan Surratt Lindale ISD
9 Kevin Dyes Holliday ISD
11 David Belding Aubrey ISD
13 Doug Killian* Hutto ISD
15 Aaron Hood Robert Lee ISD
17 Keith Bryant Lubbock-Cooper ISD
19 Jose Franco* Fort Hancock ISD

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