AASA Governance Structure

  • AASA operates on a two-tiered governance structure to oversee the association:
    • Executive Director
    • President: Nominated by the Governing Board, elected by the eligible AASA voting members
    • Executive Committee: A minimum of 14 members elected by regions, three appointed from underrepresented segments of the membership, three presidential officers
    • Governing Board: Number varies based on number of AASA members in each state/affiliate; Texas is currently eligible to have three members on the governing board (effective July 1, 2013)
    • Standing Committees
    • Advisory Committees

    The executive committee, consisting of regional members elected from the governing board, oversees more specific day-to-day responsibilities. The country is divided into seven electoral regions, and each region is entitled to a minimum of two regionally elected members to the executive committee. Executive committee members are elected by the governing board members from their respective region. Texas is in Region 2, along with Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah.

    The AASA governing board has at least two representatives from each state affiliate and additional representatives from more populous state affiliates. The board provides overall direction for AASA with special emphasis on policy-related areas. Each state affiliate is entitled to a minimum of two representatives on the governing board. State affiliates with more than 100 eligible AASA voting members receive one additional representative for every 100 additional eligible AASA voting members. Texas, with nearly 200 eligible AASA voting members, is entitled to three representatives.

    In the event of a vacancy in the office of governing board representative, the TASA Executive Committee shall elect a representative — who meets the qualifications — to serve until the next regularly scheduled election for governing board representatives or until the end of the term, whichever comes first.

Your AASA Reps

  • AASA Governing Board

    Kelli Moulton





    Kelli Moulton
    Superintendent, Galveston ISD
    July 2018-June 2021

    LaTonya Goffney





    LaTonya Goffney
    Superintendent, Aldine ISD
    July 2017-June 2020

    Kim Alexander





    Kim Alexander
    Superintendent, Roscoe Collegiate ISD
    September 2018-June 2020