Roundtable Discussion Topics

  • Roundtable discussions will be held on Day 1 of ALI on topics, including:

    Awakening the Teacher Leaders in Your District  
    JoAnn Bludau, Hallettsville ISD
    Within every school there is a sleeping giant of teacher leadership that can be a strong catalyst for making changes to improve student learning. Several small districts have collaborated to design a Teacher Leader Academy for each of their districts. The goal of the academy is to take teachers from “I’m just a teacher” to “I can lead and help to make a positive difference!”!”

    Transforming Accountability: Designing and Implementing a Community-Based System
    Clark Ealy and Molley Perry, College Station ISD
    Community-based accountability systems offer a way for districts and community stakeholders to develop a more meaningful, localized way to evaluate schools beyond state standardized tests and respect every child, educator, and community. By engaging in a process that begins with identifying valued outcomes and results in meaningful change, districts hold themselves to more comprehensive and transparent standards than the test-based state accountability system provides. Learn about how districts around the state are transforming accountability through the work of the Texas Public Accountability Consortium.

    The Importance of the Arts in Our Schools 
    Dan Bowen, Texas A&M University
    PK-12 arts educational opportunities have been in steady decline since the 1980s. An increasingly popular strategy for addressing these decreases has been the development and expansion of school-community partnerships with local arts organizations, cultural institutions, and teaching-artists. During this roundtable discussion, Dr. Bowen will share findings and insights from his experiences as the lead evaluator of Houston's Arts Access Initiative, a multi-sector, collective initiative that has significantly increased K-8 student access to the arts through school-community partnerships, data collection, and advocacy efforts.

    Bringing Our Learner Profile to Life
    Fred Brent, Malinda Golden, Bryan Hallmark, Lindsay Harris, Danielle Holloway, and Michael Sinclair, Georgetown ISD
    Members of the Wagner Middle School team will share their journey toward Learner Profile attainment for all students. You'll hear how their quest for high levels of student and adult engagement have them thinking differently about more than teaching and learning. It has led to rethinking hiring, adult learning, the use of time and space, and instructional practices.

    Transformational Governance
    Tim Harkrider and Cliff Williams, Willis ISD
    Be average or be great - the choice is yours. Creating a mindset to achieve excellence in everything that you do as a district.

    Transform the Learning Environment Through Architectural Design
    Dalane Bouillion and Kenneth Hutchins, VLK
    Explore the possibilities of transformation using community and industry input as the learning environment evolves to better support tomorrow’s learners. As expectations increase for student success, the environments in which they learn should support their interests and help to facilitate the instructional methods used by teachers.

    Feed Your Transformational Strategy a Healthy Breakfast
    Leslie and Scott Milder, Friends of Texas Public Schools
    A weak or struggling culture will implode your transformational plans. To succeed, teachers and staff need to feel valued and connected to the mission. They need to feel inspired by their sense of purpose. They need to have fun at work! And, most importantly, they need to have faith in their leaders. The popular maxim "culture eats strategy for breakfast" is all too real in the world of educational leadership. Join Leslie and Scott in a discussion about creating a culture that feeds transformational strategy a healthy breakfast. 

    Leading Learning and Student Performance Beyond State Accountability
    Jennifer Stumbaugh, Los Fresnos CISD
    Learn how Los Fresnos CISD fosters a culture of learning and growth in the district and on campuses for both students and staff while maintaining a strong accountability rating in an area serving a predominantly at-risk student population. 

    Getting the Right People in the Right Seat on the Bus      
    Scott Niven, Sheila Smith, and Deron Robinson, Allen ISD                 
    Allen ISD has been working to transform leadership in their district — leadership that is focused on the vision and mission of the district — without the disruption that comes from wholesale personnel change. Moving people to positions where they can flourish and support the transformational journey is possible. Come hear how Allen ISD has done exactly that.

    Tuning In To Critical Voices   
    Jean Madsen, Elisabeth Luevanos, and Anthony Luevanos, Texas A&M University
    Gathering teachers’ and students’ voices together brings a perspective that provides feedback for change. Data indicates that schools are becoming more racially and culturally diverse. Due to changing demographics, how do we know if leaders are adapting to the diverse needs of teachers and students? Learn the importance of students’ voices and the powerful role they play in measuring teachers’ and leaders’ practices for school inclusion. Hear their perspectives on their principals’ abilities to lead a school with changing demographics.

    Girls of Color Matter
    Bryan ISD
    Discipline referrals and suspensions are a great challenge for school leaders and educators in Pre-K-12 settings. This challenge is often exasperating in intermediate settings, especially among students of color. This roundtable will share one partnership strategy between university and school leadership personnel. The partnership, while embracing dimensions of culture, is centered around weekly focus groups designed to reduce discipline and office referrals.