Level 2 CMAT

Level 2 Curriculum Management Audit Training, Systems Factors—Governance, Leadership, and Support Services is a three-day training designed to prepare instructional leaders to examine and evaluate system-based issues to optimize the delivery of effective teaching and learning. Get the details on the 2016-17 Level 2 sessions.

The Level 2 Curriculum Management Audit Training aims to focus on the best thinking in curriculum, assessment, and instructional design and delivery, while preparing participants to examine and evaluate system-based issues in an effort to optimize the delivery of effective teaching and learning. Along with an overview of audit premises, standards, internal reviews, and external auditing, the program addresses a number of topics related to policy, organizational structure, planning and change, and prioritizing goals.

Participants learn to establish a rationale for quality curriculum management policies and use audit criteria for policy analysis. Roles and relationships within the structure of the organization are distinguished and established through designing a table of organization and determining components of job descriptions using audit criteria. Participants learn to establish a planning approach, use audit criteria for plan development, and plan major interventions for change, including the integration of staff development into the plans.

Supporting topics include performance-driven budgeting through the establishment of a planning-budgeting relationship, use of audit criteria to observe facilities, development of long-range facility planning expectations, and the establishment of evaluation approaches based on service design and delivery.

Who Should Attend

Superintendents, chief academic officers, curriculum specialists, content department directors and chairs, district and campus instructional leaders, and individuals interested in becoming certified curriculum management auditors. Please note: Completion of Level 1 CMAT is a prerequisite for Level 2 training.

Contact Us

Brandon Core, Associate Executive Director, School Transformation and Leadership Services, or Debbie O'Donnell, Executive Assistant, School Transformation and Leadership Services, 512.477.6361 or 800.725.TASA (8272)



Susie Townsend
Susan Townsend facilitates the Levels 1 and 2 CMAT.
She recently retired as superintendent of schools for Weld County School District Re-3J, northeast of Denver, Colorado, after 36 years of serving as a public school teacher and administrator. She currently works as a consultant for Centennial Bureau of Cooperative Educational Services in Northern Colorado and is an adjunct professor at Aims College in Greeley, Colorado.

Townsend received her CMSi audit training in 1994 and has served on audits in Illinois, Kansas, New York, Texas, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, North Carolina, and Alaska.