2016 TCPEA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

To Be Presented at TCPEA's 2017 Midwinter (January) Meeting
Dr. Babette Eikenberg – Chair

Deadline: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 

Description: This award recognizes an exceptional doctoral-level dissertation that expands the knowledge of educational administration at the postsecondary or K-20 levels. The award is designed to recognize outstanding research of our graduate students as well as to encourage professors and early scholars to join TCPEA.

Selection / Eligibility Criteria: Doctoral dissertations must be successfully defended within the year prior to the date the award recipient is selected. For example, the current (2016) Outstanding Dissertation Award, selected in December 2016 and presented at the TCPEA Midwinter meeting in January 2017, must have been defended by students who graduated in December 2015, May 2016, or August 2016.

Dissertations considered for the TCPEA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award should:

  1. Be completed within the year prior to the date the award recipient is selected, as stated above
  2. Be submitted by student, but sponsored by current TCPEA member whose name appears on cover sheet
  3. Align with the TCPEA mission
  4. Seek to address significant research question(s)
  5. Contribute to the literature on educational administration, such as studies of administration and or the role and function of the administrator in K-20 schools, studies of the history of educational administration or of the lives of major contributors to the field, or other studies related to educational administration
  6. Be methodologically appropriate

Nomination Requirements: The nomination includes two parts:

Part A. Cover sheet with appropriate information

Title of degree
One page vita
University granting degree and date granted
Name of dissertation chair (must be current TCPEA member)
150 word summary of abstract
Name, mailing address, phone, e-mail of student submitting

Part B. A blind copy of a 6-page double-spaced abstract of the dissertation, plus appendices as needed
(only include references in the appendix that are used in the abstract)

Title page – title only, no other identifying information (do not include this page in your page count)
Introduction – background of problem, purpose of research, significance of study
Theory/Rationale – state theoretical basis or literature base referring to the relevant literature
Methodology – sample, instrumentation, data collection, data analysis, validity/reliability (include additional information as needed in appendix)
Findings and Discussion – report and discuss findings
Conclusions, Implications for Practice & Recommendations – state conclusions, implications for practice, and make recommendations for future studies

Both parts must be submitted electronically to the TCPEA Dissertation Award Chairperson, Dr. Babette Eikenberg (beikenberg@lamar.edu) by November 1, 2016. A three-person committee* of TCPEA members will determine the award winner. The awards chair will notify the award recipient by December 1, 2016.

Award: Award will be presented at the TCPEA Midwinter meeting and the recipient will be recognized on the TCPEA website. The award will include an honorarium of $250 and a one-year (September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018) membership to TCPEA.

*If interested in participating on the Awards Committee, please contact Dr. Babette Eikenberg as soon as possible.