About the Graduate Research Exchange

11th Annual TCPEA Graduate Research Exchange

The 11th Annual TCPEA Graduate Research Exchange was a great success. Held on September 23rd in Houston, we had presentations from the following students:

Jessica J. Keen, Sam Houston State University
"Differences in Commitment to Adapting Instruction for Diverse Students by School Level"

Christopher Ardel Eckford, Sam Houston State University
"Differences in Disciplinary Consequences of Texas Middle School Boys as a Function of Ethnicity/Race and Economic Status"

Jessica Wiltz, Sam Houston State University
"Differences in Drop Out Rates of Middle School Students by Ethnicity: A Multi-Year Analysis"

Bryn M. Behnke, Sam Houston State University
"Differences in First Semester GPA as a Function of Dual Credit Enrollment by Ethnicity"

Rich Ballinger, Sam Houston State University
"Ethnic/Racial Differences in 1-Year Persistence Rates by Institutional Status at Texas 4-Year Universities Over Time"

Nolan Jones, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"Stress Levels in Graduate Students: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Approach"

Chelsea K. Smith, Sam Houston State University
"Female Faculty at Texas 4-Year Public Universities: Changes Over Time"

Nikki Doughty, Texas A&M University-Texarkana
"Biometric Examining Research on Women in Leadership: A 1-0 Year Citation Analysis of Influential Research"

Elsa Villarreal, Texas A&M University
"Texas High School Latina Principals"

Hafedh Azaiez, Sam Houston State University
"Student Achievement as a Function of Principal Longevity"

Jericah Jackson, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"Administrator’s Perceptions of How Time, Teacher Relationships, and Teacher Capacity are Influenced When Utilizing the INVEST Teacher Evaluation Instrument in Urban Secondary Schools"

Jeannette Winn Moczygemba, Lamar University
"An Examination of Eagle Ford Shale Development of Public School Superintendent Leadership Roles in South Texas"

P. Annette Guice, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"Evolving Remnants of Integration in 21st Century Schools"

Adam Bryant Cook, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"A Qualitative Study Analyzing the Effect of Cell Phone Usage on Student Comprehension, Academic Performance, and Instructional Effectiveness"

M. Kristy Dietrich, Sam Houston State University
"Difference in Advanced Course Enrollment as a Function of School Size"

Tracy M. Brock, Tarleton State University
"Success in a Language We Can All Speak: Effects on the Science Achievement of Texas ESL/ELL Students"

Clare Resilla, Sam Houston State University
"Difference in College-Readiness Rates between Two Consecutive Years for Limited English Proficient Students"

Katherine Mahler, Sam Houston State University
"Differences in College Readiness Rates in Two School Years for Students in Special Education"

Molly Fuller, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"Using Hermeneutic Phenomenology to Describe Experienced Pre-Kindergarten Teacher’s Beliefs about the Instructional Value of Outdoor Play"

Lisa Hewitt Skillern, Texas A&M University-Commerce
"A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study Describing Elementary Principal’s Beliefs of Former Head Start Students’ School Readiness Skills in Kindergarten"

Jimmie Walker, Johns Hopkins University
"Brain-Targeted Beginnings: A Case Study in India"

Martha L. Escalante, Sam Houston State University
"Differences in Academic Performance between Charter and Traditional Public Schools"

Catherine Robert, The University of Texas at San Antonio
"Non-Instructional Paraprofessional Turnover in the K-12 Campus Office"


Congratulations to these students for their research and diligent efforts to increase the body of knowledge within education.