Hall of Presidents

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, the Texas Council of Women School Executives commissioned the production of a video capturing the thoughts and memories of the council's past presidents.  The video was unveiled at TCWSE's Annual Conference in January 2014.

TCWSE Past Presidents

Margret Montgomery Sheffield


Yvonne Katz

Janiece Buck-Campbell

Nancy L. McNeal

Susan Sclafani

Virginia Collier

Dawn W. Youdan

Genevieve Brown


Jackie Jenkins


Juneria P. Berges


Beverly Irby


Barbara A. Sultis


Diane Hess


Judi J. Benestante

Anita M. Pankake

Elizabeth A. Clark


Shirley M. Coleman

Molly J. Helmlinger

Vickie Thomas-Miller


Nancy K. Vaughan


Jennifer Blaine


Viviana Lopez


Priscilla White


Diane Stegall

Lu Anna Stephens

Denise Daniels