HB 181
Information Printed on High School Diplomas

Removes the requirement that an endorsement, a performance acknowledgement, and a distinguished level of achievement be printed on a high school diploma. Provides that the removal requirement applies to a high school diploma issued at the end of the 2014-15 school year.

Earliest effective date: Immediately

HB 1706
Elimination of Duplicate State/Federal Reports

Requires that the commissioner’s periodic review of required reports and paperwork include a comparison of the reports and paperwork required by state and federal law. Directs the commissioner to eliminate any reports and paperwork required by state law that duplicates the content of those required by federal law.

Requires superintendents to ensure a copy of any report required by federal law, rule, or regulation also be delivered to TEA.

Earliest effective date: Immediately

HB 1804
Notice by Campus and Open-Enrollment Charter Schools for Foster Children

Requires campuses and open-enrollment charter schools to provide notice to the child’s educational decision-maker and caseworker regarding events that may significantly impact the education of a child.

Earliest effective date: September 1, 2015

HB 1993
Electronic Notices to Parents

Allows a school district that uses an electronic platform to communicate a student grade and performance information to parents to permit parents to sign required notices electronically so long as the district retains a record verifying the parent’s acknowledgment of the required notice. A district that accepts electronic signatures must also offer parents the option to provide handwritten signatures.

Earliest effective date: Immediately