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Texas High Performance Schools Consortium

Consortium logo The Texas High Performance Schools Consortium is a group of 23 school districts empowered by the Texas Legislature to improve student learning in the state by developing innovative high-priority learning standards and assessment and accountability systems that are not over-reliant on standardized tests and malleable enough to meet the needs of urban, suburban, and rural districts.

Learn more about the history of the Consortium and its role in MISSION: School Transformation.


  • Students should be given the power to innovate and create.
  • Teachers should be given the opportunity to use instructional strategies (including assessments) that bring relevance to classrooms.
  • School districts have a moral imperative to develop good citizens who are prepared to succeed in postsecondary education and the workforce.


The Consortium is working toward a future in which the Texas public education system is built around:

The Consortium believes that such a system will prepare students for post-secondary education, the workforce, and productive citizenship.

Reports to the Legislature

Member Districts

See a list of the 23 school districts that are part of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium.

“The Consortium’s mission to improve student learning with a focus on digital learning environments, to teach students to truly understand and apply meaningful content, rather than memorize information to pass a test, and to assess students in more authentic ways will continue to be at the heart of a new system that is necessary to prepare our students for success in this ever-changing world.” –Texas High Performance Schools Consortium 2014 Report to the Legislature

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